About us

The Directorate for Personal Data Protection was established on 22 June 2005, when the first Director was appointed with the Decision of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia ("Official Gazette" br.50/05). The Directorate is an independent and autonomous authority as legal entity. This status provides an independence in relation to the executive, legislative and judicial powers, as well as in terms of the authorities of local government. The Directorate is managed by a Director, who is appointed and dismissed by the Parliament, with a procedure led by the Commission for appointment within the Parliament, via previously published public notice, for a period of 5 years with the right of reelection. The Director has a Deputy appointed and dismissed by the Parliament on the proposal of the Commission for appointment for a period of 5 years. For its work the Director and the Deputy are responsible in front of the Parliament. The Director submits to the Parliament of the RM an Annual Work Report of the Directorate. If necessary and upon a request of the Parliament, the Director shall submit an additional report. The Director brings and adopts all decisions about the work of the Directorate.