Free access to public information

List of public information of the Directorate for Personal Data Protection

  1. Organization of the Directorate for Personal Data Protection (organogram);
  2. Consolidation of laws and by-laws that govern the field of personal data protection (internal consolidated text);
  3. Bilateral and multilateral agreements and documents;
  4. Strategic documents, analyses and programs of the Directorate;
  5. Decisions adopted by the Directorate within its legal powers (undisclosed in terms of individuals);
  6. Annual, semi-annual and other reports of the Directorate;
  7. Data from the Central Register of personal data collections in Macedonia;
  8. Recommendations and suggestions, guidelines and other internal regulations of the Directorate;
  9. Information of public procurements;
  10. Documents and information about the Directorate’s projects;
  11. Requests/forms
  12. Statistics
  13. Records of performed inspections (undisclosed in terms of individuals);
  14. Conclusions (undisclosed in terms of individuals).

The Directorate for Personal Data Protection, according to the Law on Free Access to Public Information named an official person that mediates information:

Marjana Popovska, Inspector for Personal Data Protection

Tel/Fax +389 (2) 3230 635