Your rights

The Law on Personal Data Protection gives the citizen the right to know which personal data are collected by the controllers, processed and stored and whether they work legally.

The protection of personal data in the Republic of Macedonia is accomplished in two ways:

  1. On one side those that process personal data have to respect the principles for protection of personal data by which they guarantee that those are:
  • processed in accordance with the law;
  • collected for particular, clear and purposes determined by law;
  • processed in a way that is in accordance with those purposes;
  • appropriate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which those are collected and processed;
  • accurate, complete and changed as needed during which the inaccurate or incomplete data shall be deleted or corrected and
  • stored in a form that allows identification of the subject of personal data no longer than necessary to accomplish the purposes for which the data for further processing is collected.


  1. On the other side the citizen has the right to:
  • be informed of the identity of the controller and his representative in the Republic of Macedonia;
  • inspect the collection of personal data;
  • know what personal data is stored about him in electronic or paper form;
  • know the purposes of processing of his personal data;
  • know the users or categories of users of the data;
  • not give consent to use his data for commercial purposes or their transfer to third parties for such purposes;
  • access or correct the data.

If your request to inspect the collection of personal data is refused meaning that your right to access it has been denied, correction or deletion of personal data, you have the right to submit a Request for confirming violation of the right of personal data protection to the Directorate for Personal Data Protection.