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Sustainable system for continuous primary and secondary education

 for principles of personal data protection


The aim of this Project for personal data protection is to achieve higher level of awareness for protection of personal data and privacy among students, as one of the most important fundamental human rights.


Indeed, the teachers are facing the cases with violation of the data protection right on social networks of the pupils. In addition, only in 2012 the Directorate for Personal Data Protection received 371 complaints, most of them for violations of privacy within social networks. This shows that the teachers need tools for helping the pupils in protection of their right of privacy.


Raising awareness seems the strongest and effective prevention from misuse of privacy and personal data, by informing citizens and targeting separate social groups which in the same time are the most vulnerable, like students in primary schools. Students massively use new information technologies for socializing, and they are vulnerable targets for companies and criminals.


The educational system in the country needs a structural and national project that would provide children guidance how safely to use social networks, internet and information technologies, to be more aware about the risks and dangers and to make better choices and reduce the possibilities for invasion to their privacy and illegal misuse of personal data, especially in the situation where we have often criminal acts against children privacy, misuse of children, paedophilia.


The assignment consists of providing technical assistance to the DPDP in the process of creation of the sustainable system for continuous basic, medium and advanced education of the pupils and teachers / professors for the principles of personal data protection in the education, as well as involving the educational authorities in the process of public awareness raising for the protection of the Personal data.


The Project Team of experts will assist the DPDP in the process of drafting of data protection educational materials that will be used by the students and teachers/professors in the primary and secondary education, and will also support the development of an efficient mechanism for awareness raising in the educational system regarding the personal data protection.


Two components were defined:


Component 1 Preparation of the materials and documents on the right for Personal Data Protection for the educational purposes in the Primary and secondary education:Assessment, analysis and definition of an Action plan for the educational system for personal data protection. Guidance for elaboration of training materials. Trainings for training staff of the DPDP. Assistance in drafting the proposal to the Ministry for inclusion of personal data protection in the educational system.


Component 2 Awareness raising and trainings of the teachers and professors in the educational system in the country for the protection of the personal data: Assessment of the awareness of teachers and professors. Support in selection of 10 pilot schools, definition of training curricula of the pupils, organisation and support to the pilot trainings. Recommendations for the future actions. Organisation of a national conference with aim to promote the educational approach in protection of the personal data.




Practical information:



Title: Sustainable system for continuous primary and secondary education for principles of personal data protection

Reference: IPA/TAIB2009/4.2/LOT7/05

Duration: 12 March 2013 - 11 March 2014

Beneficiary contact: Director Dimitar Gjeorgievski - DPDP

CFCD contact: Biljana PETROVSKA

EUD contact: Elvis ALI

Implementing Contractor: IBF International Consulting –

Team leader and expert in Education : Borivoj KOS -

Expert in Training and ResearchNada MOLEROVIC

Expert in Data ProtectionLjubica PENDAROSKA

Secretarial support: Aleksandra BOSINOVA -