On the occasion of celebration of the Consumers Day - 15 March and in order to raise public awareness for protection of privacy of the users in the telecommunications sector the Directorate for Personal Data Protection, the Agency for Electronic Communications, the Organization of consumers of Macedonia, T- Mobile Macedonia, VIP OPERATOR, ONE Telecommunication Services, Makedonski Telekom and Alo Telekom signed a Memorandum for cooperation in joint organization of Open Days - personal data protection of customers under the motto MY NUMBER - my PROTECTED WORLD!

The aim of this joint project was to create conditions for application of modern achievements in the personal data processing by using information technology in daily routine of the operators of public electronic communication services and better consumer protection as well as raising the social responsibility of business operators toward consumers and the community.

Through the participation of representatives of each party-signatory of the Memorandum, in order to achieve the objectives, the following activities were organized:

  • Preparation and printing of information materials - brochures and posters;
  • Media coverage of project activities aimed to public awareness raising of the need to protect personal information and login of Open Days;
  • Realization of Open Days - Protection of personal data and consumers, in Skopje, Bitola, Stip and Tetovo, on previously determined busiest places in the center of each city separately, and on a proposal of the agency which will be responsible for the organization of Open Days.

Open Days were held on 15 March in Skopje (City Shopping Center), March 17 in Tetovo (Square Illyria), March 20 in Bitola (Magnolia Square) and on March 24 in Stip, from 00:00 to 04:00 p.m.

At the Open Days, citizens had the opportunity to be informed of their right of protection of personal data in the telecommunications sector, to get answers to most frequently asked questions regarding the collection and processing of personal data, the direct marketing and to set direct questions to the Directorate for Personal Data Protection, the Agency for electronic Communications, the Organization of consumers and telecom operators.

The activities from this project were presented to the public through participation of the Directorate for Personal Data Protection, the Agency for Electronic Communications and the Organization of consumers, in the media.