Your privacy is safe with us!

Due to celebrate the "The Consumer Day", 15 March 2013, with the aim of raising public awareness for the protection of consumer’s personal data in the banking sector and companies for debt collection, the Directorate for personal data protection, Consumer Organization of Macedonia, National Bank of Macedonia, EOS Matrix DOO, Macedonia Credit Express LLC, Mellon Solutions LLC, Halkbank AD Skopje, TTK Banka AD Skopje, Alpha Bank AD Skopje, Postal Bank AD Skopje, Economic Bank AD Skopje, NLB Banka AD Tobacco Skopje, Bitola Commerce Bank, Eutostandard Bank AD Skopje, Sparkasse Banka AD Skopje and Ohrid Bank AD Ohrid, jointly organized Open Days - the protection of personal data of customers under the motto "Your privacy is safe with us !"

At the "Open Days" with citizens was discussed whether and when the bank may retain a copy of our ID card or passport, why do we have to fill in forms in which we leave our personal data once we have given to the bank, whether the banks in applications for spending loans to households may collect personal information from members of the family of the one who applies for a loan and who is considered a related person, whether banks and companies for debt collection may perform direct marketing of new products, services, competitions, which can even occur to remind us that the late payment of our obligations, whether banks can transfer your receivables (debts of customers) to third parties, whether banks and companies for debt collection may bring our data in other countries, etc.

Six "Open Days" were executed on 15 March in Skopje - City Mall Shopping Center, on March 19 in Bitola- City Square, on March 21 in Kavadarci - City Square, on March 26 in Tetovo -City Square, March 28 Ohrid - City Square, on March 30 in Strumica TC "Global”.