Сертифицирани обуки за дигитална безбедност на компјутерски корисници CSCU

The development of modern technology, every day, raises concerns about the safety of Internet communications and general data protection. Large amounts of detected data make various possibilities for abuse that is good to be aware of. Following the actual trends, the Directorate for Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Macedonia strives to increase the awareness among citizens about the safe use of information technology.

As a result of signing a Memorandum of understanding between the Directorate for Personal Data Protection (www.privacy.mk) and EC Council (International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants www.eccouncil.org) and in accordance with the Annual program of the Directorate,  it was established the need for enhancing the cooperation between the signatories through trainings and education of controllers  and processors of personal data, as well as other computer users that are  continuously in touch with sensitive information.

Program for implementation of certified training for digital security of computer users - CSCU [Download]

Memorandum for cooperation between the Directorate for Personal Data Protection and Semos Education [Download]

Training’s objective

The objective of the training CSCU –Certified Secure Computer User is to teach the participants on needed knowledge and skills, to protect their computers and electronic data, while protecting their companies, homes and children.


The concept of CSCU training is that people are the weakest safety chain link and not a single company, bank or government institution, no matter the modern IT systems it uses is invulnerable from hacking attacks as a result of the presence of human factor.

What is even more important is the fact that the gained skills help the participants to take needed steps in order to decrease the degree of vulnerability, and at same time increase the safety of their computers.

Module 01: Fundamentals of security

Module 02: Securing Operating Systems

Module 03: Protection of the systems by using the antivirus

Module 04: Encryption of data

Module 05: Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Module 06: Internet Safety

Module 07: Network connections security

Module 08: Online transactions security

Module 09: E-mail communications security

Module 10: Social engineering and identity theft on

Module 11:  Social networks safety

Module 12: Information safety

Module 13: Mobile devices security

Who is the training designed for?

The training is designed for all employees, who are also users of the Internet through computers or smartphones or tablets, employees of companies and institutions in various fields, who have access to corporate data, such as personal, customer, financial and other data important and, where the protection is a necessity.

For participation in the training, it is needed to have basic knowledge in computers, Office tools, Internet tool, e-mail etc.

The training is not intended for the employees of company’s IT sectors.

After passing all modules, the participant could take the exam CSCU (112-12) and to gain the title certified Secure Computer User (CSCU).


Telephone:++389 2 31 30 900

Contact person: Natasha Risteska Todorovska





Telephone:++389 3 230 635

 Telephone:++389 3 230 635

 Contact person: Igor Kuzevski, Manuela Stanoevska  Stoilkovska