The "PRIVACY LESSONS" project is intended to be implemented in all high schools of the City of Skopje and marks the beginning of joint activities between the Directorate for Personal Data Protection and the City of Skopje. The project aims to bring high school students to the issue of the protection of personal data, recommendations for safe usage of social networks, non-proliferation of hate speech and etc.

The project is intended to cover all 21 high schools of the City of Skopje and its begining will be announced by the school bell on September 15. The activities under the project are fully towards the education, and the results should contribute towards the elimination of abuse of personal data on the Internet, social networks, and reduce the number of recorded hate crimes.

The Directorate for Personal Data Protection has been continuously implementing initiatives and projects to raise public awareness, especially among target groups in education. As the main driver of the idea for starting such a project is undoubtedly the increased number of complaints received about abuse of personal data on social networks, for violation of privacy, as well as the statistic which proves the ignorance of privacy policies by children parents, teachers, the indicative use of hate speech, stating untruths in cyberspace from different ages and nationalities, etc.

The analysis of the Directorate for Personal Data Protection showed that:

- 46% of students say that while using social networks to consult the privacy policies, while 37% do so only occasionally;

- 83% of parents believe that children should take care the their personal data;

- Social networks most frighten parents, and 68% believe that this is the biggest threat;

- 76% of parents think that children are not sufficiently educated in the school you are attending;

The National education policy and strategy for development of education de facto must follow the new development processes and needs arising from modern (ICT) life. On the other hand, the question being addressed, no longer is in itself an institutional issue that should be resolved, but it needs a sound and adequate systemic reforms and additions to the curriculum content, as well as effective use on ICT in education, to build society without abuse on the Internet to respond to national requirements on competitiveness and connectivity imposed by global and European societies and modernizing their education systems.

It is more than necessary to introduce emergency measures to effect change and supplementing the educational content of the educational process and application of the concept of protection for personal data and the right to privacy in the classroom - it's actually the core idea of entering the title "Privacy Classes" in schedule of classes - topics to be developed initially on classes, because the right to privacy, data protection, as well as security of the Internet and the spread of hate speech are topics that affect young people, students, teachers, and so parents. Exactly this initiative is aimed at bringing the importance and the complexity on the topics to high school students, which will enable more targeted education groups in the educational process. Educators and inspectors from the Directorate for Personal Data Protection will give lectures in all secondary schools which will result in diesemination knowledge to:

- The management in high schools in Skopje (21 managers - directors)

- 40 of pedagogical - psychological sector - educators,

- 1000 (class) teachers,

- 80,000 students and their parents;

On September 1, 10,000 samples of schedule of classes, where the first class in schedule on Monday is marked as Privacy lesson, were widely distributed through the daily newspaper, which symbolically announced the start on this project.

Besides classes, at every high school it is planned to be opened a special info-corner with informative brochures, flyers, content, information about where to go, how to act if their personal data is misused etc.