Contiuouing support for strenghtening capacities for personal data protection

Aims of the project:

The primary aim of the project is to establish a functional and effective system for the protection of personal data in accordance with EU legislation, based on experiences and good practices from partner countries that are far more advanced and higher level of experience in this field.

The specific goal of the project is the introduction of new mechanisms and tools in the existing legal environment, paying particular attention to Delete ME and processing data in Cloud Computing. The introduction of these mechanisms and tools for overall objective is to achieve more effective application of legal legislation, at the same time raising public awareness about the risks and legal mechanisms for protection of privacy and personal data.

Implementation of the project

The project is scheduled to last 18 months and the implementation thereof is structured through the realization of 3 components:

  • The first component envisages finalization before introducing the practice of Delete ME function (software and training) and the initial phase of implementation. This component covers the development and installation of software , as well as training for appropriate usage. In the context of enforcement of existing legislation, this component addresses the function of the Directorate in cooperation with controllers for data management in the cloud, through changes on the current legislation, software development and training for its operation, and the introduction of the working protocol according to contracts for data processing in practice applied in Norway.
  • The second component is aimed at promoting the completed activities of the first component, i.e the promotion of Delete ME- network of personal data processors in the Western Balkans.
  • The last component is focused on raising public awareness about the newly introduced services by the authority for protection of personal data.

The overall implementation of the project is based on cooperation with partner institutions from Norway (Norwegian Authority for Personal Data Protection NorSIS).